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There are presently no open calls for applications.

2023 Kidney Cancer Association Grant Opportunities

Trailblazer and Focus Awards fund promising young- to mid-career investigators to foster innovative kidney cancer research. Proposals should be projects that can be realistically accomplished in one year and should provide sufficient preliminary data that could lead to potential further funding through other granting mechanisms. The Kidney Cancer Association will fund the following grants in 2023:

(1) Translocation RCC Focus Award - $75,000
In Partnership with Joey’s Wings Foundation
Required Focus: advancing research in the biology and potential therapies for Translocation RCC, particularly in pediatrics

(1) Chromophobe RCC Focus Award - $75,000
Required Focus: distinguishing biological hallmarks in ChRCC

(1) Brandon Butera Focus Award - $75,000

In Partnership with Maggie Valdes and Brandon Butera
Required Focus: novel therapeutics for papillary or unclassified RCC

(2)  Trailblazer Awards - $75,000
Any focus in kidney cancer accepted


· Applicants must have a doctoral degree (MD, DO, PhD).

· Submit research supported by this grant to at least one accredited conference (i.e. IKCS, ASCO, etc.) upon completion of the grant cycle. 

· Acknowledge the KCA upon publication and/or presentation of research supported by this grant in any forum. 

· Notify the KCA upon publication and/or presentation of research supported by this grant in any forum.


All application materials will be submitted electronically in PDF format, in English, via

All questions regarding the grant application process should be submitted to
FUNDING: $75,000

Funding will be distributed in full by September 1, 2023. The funding is to be used solely for research costs, with a maximum of 5% allowed for incidental institutional costs, if necessary. The funding cannot be used to support the investigator’s salary or for costs unrelated to the proposed research (travel, society memberships, etc.). The research award can be used to support the salaries of research personnel directly involved in conducting the proposed project. 


An independent panel of recognized field experts will conduct an initial review of all submissions followed by a final review and selection by the KCA’s Medical Steering Committee. Patient advocates are included in the preliminary review deliberations. Reviewers with a conflict of interest on any given application will recuse themselves from the deliberation.


Applicants will submit a two-page proposal (single-spaced, Arial 11 font, PDF format) for review, inclusive of graphs/charts. The proposal should include the following sections:

  • Background Summary - Primary question: What led you to this project?
  • Impact Summary - How will this project impact the field and patients?
  • Purpose/Objective of Study - What will this project accomplish?
  • Brief Overview of Methods - How will you accomplish this project?
  • Lay Summary (max 200-words) - How would you describe this project and its impact to a patient?

Additional Required Information:

  • Headshot of Applicant
  • Previously Secured Project Funding
  • Two letters of Support (1 from Head of Department, 1 from Mentor)

Award Recipients notified by: August 1, 2023

Initial funds dispersed by: September 1, 2023

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